In the step-by-step hair transplant process, MD Hair Labs will be there for you.

The first step for restoring hair with a hair transplant is to call MD Hair Labs to schedule your no-cost, no-risk consultation with our expert physicians and hair technicians.



Transplant Process

Hair Transplant Consultation

During the transplant consultation, our physicians and hair technicians will review your past medical history, gather the family history of hair loss. Then, we will discuss the areas of concern, and perform an analysis of the scalp. Drs. Manning and Clifton will utilize the Hair Metrix Analysis Tool to measure the density of individual hair follicles from both the donor sites and the areas with hair loss.

This will help assess the severity of hair loss and allow the physicians to track hair growth over time. After reviewing all components, our physicians will discuss your hair goals and set realistic expectations on the procedure as well as the desired final outcome.


The Day Before the Transplant Process

The day before the procedure, you will visit the office for a pre-op appointment which consists of reviewing the procedure, answering any, and all questions, and making sure your hair is trimmed to the appropriate length for the ARTAS robot. Our hair technicians are also certified cosmetologists and will trim your hair as needed.



Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure Day

A day in the chair for a lifetime of hair!

On the morning of the procedure, you will arrive bright and early wearing comfortable clothing, including a button-down shirt. Do not forget your earbuds to listen to your favorite music or podcast during the procedure. The physicians will strategically map out the direction and placement of the implanted hairs before drawing blood for PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and administering a nerve block to ensure you are comfortable during the harvesting portion of the procedure.


Sit back, relax, and let our expert physicians and ARTAS robot do the work.

During the harvest, the ARTAS robot meticulously and precisely extracts individual hair follicles which ensures no scarring and a quick recovery time. Each donor hair extracted is carefully inspected and prepared for implementation.

Once the harvest is complete, you will be welcomed into our comfortable lounge area to enjoy a complimentary brunch/lunch and enjoy a few minutes of rest. After this break, you will return to the procedure room for the last and most exciting part of the day: new hair! PRP will be administered to the implantation sites.

The physicians will create a customized new hairline or crown. Then each harvested follicle is strategically placed to maximize the naturalness, density, and coverage of the thinning areas. We combine science and artistry to create incredible results, that are extremely natural!


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